i see you’re worried, afraid of what’s next

you hope there’s a plan, how could this be best

don’t fear for me, I’m not afraid of the rain

just getting things ready, ‘til were together again


i’m movin’ on to a road less traveled

i’m moving on to a place where I can rest

don’t worry for me it’s time to go

being called home to a place I know

now i’m moving on


my life has been special, more precious than words

good times and bad times, love and the hurt

i’m proud of who I am, and the path that i’ve led

I have no regrets, it’s been worth it in the end




my only wish, that you live your life full  

don’t mourn for me, go and celebrate it all

i had all that anyone could ever ask for

so thanks for the memories, i’ll be waiting for more




so now i’m moving on