that first flight to Phoenix, where the land is scenic

just warm sand far as the eye can see  

look at these yankees suffering, shiverin’ like it ain’t nothing

no sir, a snowbird’s life for me  


well i’m stuck in Minneapolis with the snow fallin’ all around us

thinkin’ i overstayed past my time

now i’m freezin’ and believin’

folks up here are most confusin’

that first flight to Phoenix on my mind




you can keep your snow skiing, and temps below freezing

and ice fishin’, no that aint my bag

i’d rather drive with the top down

ice from the freezer, not the ground

and nothing like that january tan




not a fan of them long johns, rather wear a bright thong

i know the ladies will admire

a man who can pour champagne

while on a boat that bears their name

not on my knees putting on snow tires


chorus x3